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Fordham AD Search: Kansas' Larry Keating Among 8 Finalists

As Fordham University looks for its new Athletic Director, the Kansas Jayhawks could lose a important cog in the wheel for Sheahon Zenger with word that his assistant Larry Keating is a finalist for the job. The New York Post is reporting that eight total candidates are on the final list and they range in figures from all over the country. However Keating has a nice resume, the perfect level of experience and some familiarity there.

"Keating has previous ties to Fordham's league - the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference - as he served as assistant commissioner for basketball and football operations from 2001-03," writes Jesse Newell at KU Sports.

The others include candidates from Seton Hall, Florida State, Northwester and Holy Cross, so there's clearly some time and another round of interviews or two before Keating would take the position. However if Fordham likes Keating enough to even make him a finalist, it likely means his name will be called by someone else soon enough if Fordham doesn't hire him.