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Dwayne Bowe Has Limited Practice Ahead With Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, who ended his holdout by signing the team's franchise tender Friday, is busy completing the three-day acclimation period mandated by the league's collective bargaining agreement. Under the CBA, a player is prohibited from wearing pads or participating in contact drills until a three-day "acclimation period" is complete.

Bowe finished two of those three days over the weekend, going through a strength and conditioning session following his signing Friday and attending team meetings Saturday. Monday's practice will complete the no-contact period. As Josh Looney at Chiefs Insider reports, Bowe will still have plenty to do:

The Chiefs return to a training camp practice schedule on Monday with a morning walk-thru followed by an afternoon practice. Bowe is permitted to attend all team meetings and walk-thrus while undergoing a three-day acclimation period outlined in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.


"The walk-thru is where we go through all of our alignments, our adjustments and formations - he can go through all of that with the team," General Manager Scott Pioli explained on the Chiefs preseason broadcast. "Later on in the afternoon practice he won't be in pads, but he can go through the agility and receiver drills until the defense comes."

While his contractual acclimation period may be complete Monday, Bowe's actual acclimation period with the Chiefs' new offense could take considerably longer:

"He's a whole training camp behind," head coach Romeo Crennel said after Saturday's game. "There's a lot. New offense, new terminology - there's lots of stuff that he has to learn."

"We're obviously excited to have him back, but we've got to get him acclimated," said quarterback Matt Cassel. "I know that the coaching staff and I will do everything we can to get him up to speed as fast as we can.

"We have great coaches here and a lot of people dedicated to helping people learn. These guys have been embracing challenges already and will do a great job helping him learn it. I'm sure Dwayne is up for the challenge and he'll do a great job trying to learn the new playbook."

The Chiefs return to action August 24 against Seattle at Arrowhead Stadium. No word yet on whether Bowe will participate.