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Kendrick Lewis' Injury Allows Abram Elam To Step Up For Kansas City Chiefs

Abram Elam was perhaps one of the better under-the-radar signings for the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason as a veteran safety who can play either position with a strong amount of starting experience for the Dallas Cowboys and other NFL teams. The Chiefs will now find out just how smart that signing was as Elam will be filling in for Kendrick Lewis as he heals from his current shoulder injury.

Lewis went out against the St. Louis Rams on Saturday in the second preseason game for the Chiefs, and it is not yet clear how long he will be out. Having a veteran like Elam around helps to lessen the blow.

"Well, I am glad we got him, definitely, because he is an experienced guy," said Romeo Crennel, the team's head coach. "He has a maturity level to him and I think that he can handle the back end. He has shown us that he has been able to grasp the system and I think that he will do a good job on the back end for us."

Crennel agreed that Elam is going to be the main guy for now and spoke from Arrowhead on Sunday about the depth behind Lewis.

"That will be his job to lose right now," said Crennel of Elam. "Travis Daniels is the other guy that we have played back there some of the time and I think Travis is very capable. He is an experienced, sharp young man and he understands the system and knows all the calls. He can handle the back end as well.

"But because he is coming off of a slight injury, I don't know when he is going to be back full speed. He has been out there in individuals and he was on the sideline last night. I don't think that he will be able to go full tomorrow. As a result of that, Abe will have to handle the back end."

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