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Romeo Crennel Expresses Frustration Over Tamba Hali Suspension

Romeo Crennel led out his daily preseason remarks about the Kansas City Chiefs by speaking to the breaking news from this morning that the team's best defender Tamba Hali has been suspended for the season opener for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. While he didn't offer any further details on the matter given the nature of league policy, he did go into the situation a bit more including some remarks about his feelings. You can catch the entire opener below:

"I've been better, to tell you the truth," said Crennel to start his remarks. "The game the other day was not good news, and I've got some other bad news that was just recently released from the NFL. We found out that Tamba Hali will be suspended for the first regular season game. You can't feel too good about that, but the NFL's Substance Abuse Policy is what it is. It's been in place, and they've been fair about it.

"It was violated, so there is a consequence to be paid for it. Tamba will pay the consequence. We're disappointed. We're disappointed for him; we're disappointed for the team, disappointed for the organization and the fans, but it is what it is. Tamba is a guy who is very prideful. He's been a very good team member for this team, and I think the team will rally around him and support him the best they can during this time.

"He's able to practice with us and be with us and play in the preseason games. His suspension will start when the regular season starts, and after he serves his suspension he'll be back with the team at that time. I know that probably you guys and ladies have a lot of questions about what it is, whatever, but the Commissioner is pretty strict about what he does and how he handles things.

"This is an NFL policy. It's handled by the NFL; they told us, and I told you. Other than that, I really can't say much more because I put myself in jeopardy if I go further than I've already gone."

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