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Royals Vs. Rays: Kansas City Faltering In Seventh Inning, Losing 5-1

Game one of the series between the Kansas City Royals and Tampa Bay Rays has so far not gone the way the Royals would be hoping for. In the seventh inning, the Royals are currently losing 5-1 thanks to a poor offensive performance. Only six hits have been scattered by the Royals and Alex Gordon is the only player with more than one -- he also provided the only RBI of the game so far for KC.

Starting Royals pitcher Will Smith didn't have a particularly bad inning to speak of, but continued to let the Rays chip away at him with at least one run in every inning except for the first. He has been pulled in favor of Everett Teaford. Jeremy Hellickson for the Rays is putting on a solid performance with only one run allowed and six strikeouts.

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