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James Franklin Must Be Healthy For Missouri Tigers' Success In SEC

In his junior season, James Franklin racked up 2,865 passing yards, 981 rushing yards and 36 total touchdowns while participating in every game. However, that's not to say it was a healthy season for Missouri's starting quarterback, who listed injuries to his knee, ankle, hamstring, hip, ribs, chest, thumb, fingers neck and shoulder when asked to talk about the 2011 season.

Now Franklin is entering his senior season, the first year in the SEC for the Missouri Tigers, and the priority for the team is to keep the quarterback healthy.

Despite being a mobile quarterback that is a sturdy 6-2, 225 pounds, Franklin admits he was hit far too often in the pocket. "The only thing I got last year from running the ball was a sprained ankle and some jammed fingers," Franklin told Joe Walljasper of the Columbia Tribune. "All my other injuries came from being hit in the pocket. That's my defense."

With 18 sacks taken in 2011, Franklin was hit too often and will have to make cutting down that number a priority in 2012.

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