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Charlie Weis Says Fast Start Essential For Kansas Football

The depth chart is just about set for Charlie Weis at Kansas, and it's time for the Jayhawks to start looking forward to their season-opener against South Dakota State. Weis has made it clear that he's looking game by game at the schedule for Kansas this season as they try to put together a solid year.

Specifically, he wants his Jayhawks to get off to a fast start:

"We’d better get off to a fast start or we’re going to have a long year," he said. "Everyone else wants to look at the 12-game schedule. I want to look at one. I have a one-game schedule. I mean, it’s been a little while here since we came in the first game of the year and had a really convincing performance, and that’s what my intent is."

If Kansas can string a few wins together at the start of the year, it will certainly help their chances at getting into a bowl later on. Starting QB Dayne Crist and the rest of the Jayhawks will start the season looking for that first win on Sept. 1.

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