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Kansas State's Athletic Donations At All-Time High

Following one of the best football seasons in school history, the Kansas State Wildcats are getting a big boost in the monetary department as athletic donations are reaching near-record levels, K-State's official site reports:

Thanks to grass-roots support of Ahearn Fund members world-wide, a record $25.8 million was contributed to K-State Athletics in 2011-12, reflecting a jump of 45 percent from the previous year’s total of $17.8 million, while the number of K-Staters participating grew by 12 percent to an all-time high of 7,866 members. In just three years, outright contributions to the department have now doubled compared to fiscal year 2009’s $12.7 million mark.

K-State and its fans will be hoping for a repeat performance by the football team, currently ranked No. 16 in preseason polls. The other sports programs are also doing well for themselves with both men's and women's basketball looking like favorites to make a run in March.

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