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VIDEO: 'Pay Heed' Series Showcases Kansas Basketball Trip To Europe

The Kansas Jayhawks took a European trip in early August, traveling to Switzerland and France to play some European teams as they tune up for the upcoming 2012 NCAA basketball season. The results weren't always there in the games -- they lost to two different French clubs and said they were 'humbled' by a 74-73 loss to AMW Team France -- but they got experience that should help them through their NCAA careers.

Now, there's some video insight as to what the team was doing on the trip and how the players all felt about playing the European squads.

The first episode of Pay Heed by the AllAccessJayhawks channel on YouTube came out on Tuesday and it gave a good overview of the first leg of the Euro tour by the Jayhawks as they headed to Lucerne, Switzerland to play some games against Swiss competition.

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