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Could Shaun Smith Return To Kansas City Chiefs?

One of the more beloved members of the Kansas City Chiefs of the last couple of years was defensive lineman Shaun Smith, a man who was always good for a memorable quote as well as his passionate play on the field. He was honest over Twitter and generally seemed to endear himself to Chiefs Nation.

Last season, Smith took his talents to the Tennessee Titans, but now that he's been released, it's easy to wonder whether or not the Chiefs will be interested in bringing him back. Romeo Crennel addressed notions today of Smith's return in his remarks from Arrowhead.

"Shaun is my man," said Crennel. "Shaun would love to be here, I'm sure, but we've got some guys on the team right now that they've worked pretty good and we feel decent about them, and then we'll have to kind of look at it and see. I have not talked to Shaun yet, but Shaun might give me a call here shortly, but Shaun is a good guy and I like Shaun a lot. I've had him on two different teams, so we'll see how that plays out as well."

Smith had 17 tackles and 1 sack for the Titans last year.