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Dwayne Bowe Gives Most Boring Interview Since Last Chiefs Interview Given

If anyone was worried about whether or not Dwayne Bowe would come along quickly once he finally returned to the Kansas City Chiefs after his holdout, he's got the media part down just fine. In the latest Q&A with Bowe from the team's practice session at Arrowhead on Wednesday, Bowe was as boring and, well, Chiefs-like as they come. We'll let you take it all in to enjoy the full 22 seconds of insight you'll gain:

Q: How's it coming along?

BOWE: "I'd say it's coming along very, very well, learning the offense, learning the terms and getting up to speed."

Q: What's the toughest part?

BOWE: "The toughest part is just getting acclimated, getting out here with the team, the new guys, new words and just learning them. It's coming along pretty smooth."

Q: Are you ready to play in a game yet?

BOWE: "I think so. Coach says I'm ready with what I've been looking at. I'm going to go play until he tells me not to."

Q: How much do you think you can handle?

BOWE: "I can handle as much as I can until Coach says, ‘You're out.'"

Q: Do you think you've got everything that you wanted by staying out?

BOWE: "I'm here now, feeling good, learning the plays, so that's all I can ask for."

Q: What do you want from yourself Friday night?

BOWE: "To continue from where I left off. Be dominant catching the ball, finishing, blocking downfield and helping this team win."

Consider yourself illuminated.

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