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Ned Yost Ejected In Royals-Rays Contest

Not a lot went right for the Kansas City Royals in their 5-3 loss against the Tampa Bay Rays, and manager Ned Yost ended up missing one of the only good parts of the game for KC after getting ejected in the top of the eighth inning.

Yost, along with the Royals hitters, was frustrated by a couple of strike zone calls and while Eric Hosmer argued, Yost called from the bench and ended up getting sent off by umpire Scott Berry.

"A little bit," Yost said. "Not a whole lot but some. A couple of pitches. Then he [Barry] wanted to stare into the dugout for another 15 minutes until I muttered another word."

Yost muttered and was gone.

After Yost's ejection, the Royals had a short offensive burst -- one of the few moments of decent offense all game for the team -- and scored two runs. Unfortunately, the comeback never came to fruition and the Royals lost the game as well as their series against the Rays.

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