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Kansas Football: Ty McKinney Allowed Back On September 7

Defensive tackle Ty McKinney may finally make it to Lawrence and join Kansas on September 7. The junior-college transfer has not been able to sort out his academics to satisfy the university so far, but it appears as if he may be able to get that done in the next two weeks.

McKinney has reportedly completed all of his coursework for his one remaining class, but it has not been graded yet and he cannot take the final exam until it is. That work is now supposed to be graded in the next two weeks, which will allow McKinney to take his final exam on September 7 and report to Kansas immediately afterward.

"This still allows Ty to enroll this fall as a full-time student at KU," Charlie Weis said. "Our academic support staff is working to create a schedule so that as soon as Ty arrives he can catch up academically."

At 6'0'' and more than 300 lbs., Kansas is hoping that McKinney can help plug holes on the defensive front. His academic delays have cost him the summer, though, and now he will be walking in with the season underway with plenty to catch up on.

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