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Diamond Dixon Reflects Back On 2012 Olympics Experience

Kansas University runner Diamond Dixon's world is different now than it was even a few months ago. The 4x400 meter relay Olympic gold medalist told KU's Tom Keegan her experience in London has made more recognizable on campus, and it's also helped her be more open with people.

“I do have a problem trusting people, but I honestly feel like I am getting so much better at that,” Dixon said. “I’m learning that the whole world isn’t against me. I have a lot of people here who support me and those are the people who matter, not the people who have hurt me in the past.”

Dixon added that since returning from London, she's been smiling so much that it's made her cheeks "kind of sore."

She added that she's very proud of her relay medal, but it doesn't compare to the individual 400 meter medal she hopes to get by competing for Team USA at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She says the 2016 goal has inspired a nickname (Diamond Rio) and a new diet (Dixon swears she's going to lay off her favorite barbecue place).