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Kansas Basketball Recruit Demetrius Jackson Set To Visit In Late September

The Kansas Jayhawks will be hosting a decently big named recruit, Indiana native Demetrius Jackson, in late September as they try to coax him into joining their squad. reported by way of The Indianapolis Star on Sunday that the 6'1'' point guard would be visiting KU on September 26-27.

"Growing up I wasn’t given much and definitely never had choices like this," Jackson told the Indy Star. "I didn’t really start playing basketball until sixth grade. But learning from coach Creech (Rod, MBA Select AAU) and others, I feel like I’ve grown up a lot. I feel pretty good right now where I’m at with the recruitment process."

Jackson is a somewhat highly coveted recruit, also being looked at by some big name schools including Kentucky, Louisville and others. Jackson is the No. 70 ranked recruit nationwide.

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