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Kevin Durant On Upcoming NBA Season: 'I Like Our Chances'

It's been a busy offseason for a lot of members from the Oklahoma City Thunder, but Kevin Durant has perhaps been the busiest. He's shot a part for a movie, provided a huge boost to the USA Men's Basketball Team in the Olympics and has, of course, been training with the Thunder following a disappointing drop out of the NBA Finals at the end of the season.

Going into the 2012 season with no lockout looming and a still fully charged Thunder squad, Durant has said he thinks the Thunder have a definite shot at taking home the trophy:

"We all are going to have to compete. I don’t think no team is going to lay down for anybody," Durant said. "Everybody has got to play and I like our chances."

Having some silverware from the Olympic games under his belt now can't hurt his chances of pushing the Thunder to their first ever NBA title.

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