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Royals Could Still Trade Jeff Francoeur In August

While the MLB trade deadline has passed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all player movement has subsided for the stretch run. As a matter of fact, many more deals are likely to be completed by teams looking to move high-ticket items — players with contracts that are disproportional to their production. Jeff Francoeur of the Royals fits such a mold and Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci lists him among the players who could be moved even still.

Verducci writes, "Relievers tend not to get through waivers, but Francisco Rodriguez of Milwaukee might be one because he is an expensive setup arm. The typical August deals involve complementary position players, which could include players such as Jeff Francouer of the Royals (again), Carlos Lee of the Marlins, Jose Lopez of the Indians and Scott Hairston of the Mets."

Players can still be traded but only after making it through waivers in August after the deadline. But no team is likely to claim Francoeur, as well as others like Alfonso Soriano or the players Verducci mentioned. Thus if a player clears waivers, they can be traded to anyone.

Also if a player is claimed, the team can then pull their player off of waivers and keep them or work out a trade for both parties. Perhaps that’s an option as well for the Royals to move a reliever like Jose Mijares who could help a team down the stretch.

A deal is not likely for any of these players, but it’s certainly possible as the Royals 2012 season nears its end and these players end up leaving anyway.