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MLB Standings: Royals In Last Place In A.L. Central

The Kansas City Royals are battling the Minnesota Twins to stay out of last place in the A.L. Central

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The Kansas City Royals are currently in last place of the A.L. Central race and they are 14 games behind first place Chicago White Sox. This Royals had one of their better weeks by going 4-2, and that included winning their first back-to-back games in over a month. The Royals do have a chance to catch the Minnesota Twins who are only trail them by 1.5 games.

The A.L. Central has been a two team race for awhile, and currently the White Sox led the Tigers by 1.5 games.

AL Central Standings

Chicago 59 48 .551 0 Won 1
Detroit 58 50 .537 1.5 Won 4
Cleveland 50 58 .462 9.5 Lost 9
Minnesota 47 61 .435 12.5 Lost 1
Kansas City 45 62 .420 14 Won 1

The Royals will have a tough week as they head out on the road for a three game set with the White Sox and then a four game series against the Baltimore Orioles.

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