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Kansas City Royals At No. 26 In ESPN's MLB Power Rankings

The latest round of MLB Power Rankings is out at ESPN, and the results aren’t good for the Kansas City Royals. Not that you ever thought they would be at this point in the 2012 season.

The 2012 will quickly become another season to forget for Kansas CIty fans once it’s officially in the books. If there’s anything to remember from this year overall, it’s the city’s ability to play host successfully for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game festivities.

Other than that, however, there are few notable things to discuss for the Royals in 2012. Owner David Glass walked out on an interview with 610 Sports that serves as a symbol of how the team looks overall (and especially the owner and front office). Ned Yost continues to bunt. Dayton Moore refuses to promote Wil Myers and Johnny Giavotella and traded Melky for the worst pitcher in Royals history. Oh, Tommy John was unofficially made the team’s mascot.

I think that pretty much sums it up, which means that No. 26 is about right.