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2012 London Olympics Medal Count: Great Britain Surges Toward China, United States

The latest medal count is out at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and the race between and the United States refuses to lose any ounce of the intensity since the games first started. Currently China leads with 31 gold medals and 64 overall. The United States is in second with 61 overall medals, 28 of them being gold medals. Over the weekend, the U.S. was leading in overall medals, so it's clear that everything can change with each new day.

Amazingly enough, Great Britain, the host country for the 2012 Olympics, is enjoying a nice surge all the way into third place with 40, having jumped Russia in the process. They now sit only 10 gold medals behind the United States and it's a very impressive showing for the UK.

Here's a more complete look at the medal count:

  1. China, 64 (31 gold, 21 silver, 14 bronze)
  2. United States, 61 (28, 14, 19)
  3. Great Britain, 40 (18, 11, 11)
  4. Russia, 38 (5, 17, 16)
  5. Japan, 28 (2, 12, 14)

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