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Missouri's James Franklin Named Most Underrated Player In College Football

A recent column by ESPN's KC Joyner broke down several players who he considered to be the most overrated ones in the college football scene. Today he recently unveiled an opposite list of the most underrated and James Franklin, the starting quarterback for the Missouri Tigers, is sitting right at the top. Even after dealing with an injury, it's clear that a large portion of the country is still unaware of Franklin's ability to threaten a defense with his arm or in the running game. Perhaps this season in the SEC will change things.

Joyner writes, "Franklin's strong résumé begins with his ranking third in the Big 12 in passer rating in conference games and seventh in rushing yards per conference game, but his case becomes even more powerful when considering how his numbers stacked up against the most highly touted dual-threat quarterback in college football: Denard Robinson."

Franklin threw for 2,865 yards last year including 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. He also rushed 217 times for 981 yards and another 15 touchdowns on the ground.