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Nigel Malone, Landry Jones Placed Among Most Overrated Players In College Football

Earlier we discussed an article where Missouri quarterback's James Franklin was named among the most underrated players in college football. On the flip side, another local product is named on a list no one wants to be placed upon with Kansas State's Nigel Malone making an appearance on a ranking of "college football's most overrated players". The cornerback is definitely a talented defender, but ESPN's KC Joyner says the interception total from last year can be a bit deceiving.

Joyner writes, "Malone won a spot on the first-team All-Big 12 squad last year in large part because of his conference-leading seven interceptions, but coverage issues off-set more than a few of those picks. Malone's 7.6 overall yards per attempt (YPA) allowed mark and 12.0 vertical YPA were subpar totals and served as two main reasons he ranked fifth in my recent ranking of the 2012 Big 12 Thorpe Award candidates."

Others on the list include Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones and running back Marcus Lattimore of South Carolina.