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Chiefs Head Coach Romeo Crennel Refuses To Join Chorus Against Replacement Officials In NFL

The NFL and its stable of experienced referees and officials are currently at an impasse when it comes to a labor agreement that works for both sides which means the prospect of playing actual NFL games without the familiar faces in black and white might become a reality.

Several opinions have already been expressed on all sides, mostly siding with the fact that players and coaches don't want replacement refs making calls in games that matter -- or for player safety as well. However, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel is not one of them. Instead he refused to bite on a question about the matter today at training camp with a simple statement that dismissed any notion of frustration with the matter.

"The refs are the refs. They call what they see, and sometimes it's right and sometimes it's not. And we live with it," said Crennel.

The Chiefs might be singing a different tune if a referee misses a call that ends up with a significant player injury as a result. For now, however, the team won't be joining the chorus of those calling for an end to the disagreement.

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