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Chiefs Preseason: Romeo Crennel Refuses To Say How Much Playing Time Starters Will Receive

The Kansas City Chiefs open the preseason this weekend with their first official NFL action of the 2012 campaign. What the players don't know is just how much they'll get to play. Fans watching the Chiefs versus the Arizona Cardinals this weekend will get a look at what the first team will look like, but head coach Romeo Crennel refused to say that it would be for a certain amount of time.

Typically in a preseason game, especially early on in the schedule, the starters will only play one full series or a certain number of downs. However, Crennel said that will not be the case this week. Instead he just wants them to be ready for whatever he tells them to do.

"What I told them was this: I told them to be ready to play however long I needed them," said Crennel. "I didn't know how long that might be, and I told them the only consideration would be that if there was someone who might have a little nagging injury or something like that, I may take that into consideration and not give them as much playing time.

"I want them to get ready to play. I don't want them going into the game thinking, ‘OK, I'm going to come out after the first quarter or I'm going to only play a series.' Just be ready to play and we'll see how long it is."

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