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Kansas City Chiefs Upset Fan, Then Apologize On Twitter

Twitter was seemingly made for three reasons: to give people a forum to show their Instagrammed food photos whether anybody wants to see them or not, keeping tabs on Kanye West's hubris and being snarky about sports.

The third part is apparently lost on whoever runs (or now used to run) the Kansas City Chiefs' official Twitter account.

The @kcchiefs account sent a passive aggressive message to a fan who had a gripe about the team's low-spending ways, reading, "Would help if you had your facts straight. Your choice to be a fan. cc get a clue." The fan screen-grabbed the private message for the world to see and thereby set off a firestorm. The Chiefs were forced to apologize:

Apparently not too sorry, though, as the user in question, Travis Wright (@teedubya), was blocked by the Chiefs' account. He didn't buy the apology:

"The funny thing about (the apology) is that I personally didn't see it," Wright said. "They didn't apologize to me, they apologized to everyone else because of the backlash."

Wright works in social media himself and actually has more followers than the Chiefs account, for whatever that's worth. Basically, the Chiefs picked the wrong upset fan to mess with.

So if Chiefs fans aren't incensed enough after the home beat down courtesy of the Atlanta Falcons in Week 1, now they run the risk of hurting the team's feelings and getting a high school-level retort should they complain about it. This isn't the America I grew up in.

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