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Kansas Baseball Announces Holiday Tour Of Dominican Republic

The Kansas City Royals are providing the Kansas Jayhawks baseball team a trip to the Dominican Republic, which they will use to both practice their baseball skills in a new country and help the locals in a variety of ways.

Kansas' baseball team will be traveling on a seven-day trip to the Caribbean Island this December and will be participating in a few games against the local teams as well as the Kansas City Royals Dominican team.

“I want to personally thank Royals GM Dayton Moore for his help in allowing us to play against his Dominican team and train at the Royals’ facilities,” Kansas head coach Ritch Price said. “Dayton has been fabulous in helping us make this a first-class trip, which should be a great experience for our players.”

In total, the team will play in five games during their seven days in the Dominican Republic while helping host baseball clinics for the locals and doing other good deeds. The Jayhawks baseball team went 23-33 during the 2012 NCAA baseball season.