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Cincinnati Bengals Sign Former Chiefs DL Wallace Gilberry

The Kansas City Chiefs are apparently sitting just fine with their defensive line at this point while they continue to bring in other defensive players to try out at various positions. The team has brought in linebackers and members of the secondary in recent weeks, but former players like Shaun Smith and Wallace Gilberry have remained free agents or bounced from team to team. Smith has even said he wants to come back to KC on Twitter, but so far the Chiefs have made no movement up front. Gilberry on the other hand has finally found some work.

The Cincinnati Bengals officially signed Gilberry after losing Jamaal Anderson to Injured Reserve after week two in their game against the Cleveland Browns. Anderson tore a quad tendon in that game and will be out for quite some time, including the rest of the 2012 season as illustrated by the placement on IR.

Gilberry played in every game for the Chiefs from 2009-2011 and played 54 overall games for the Chiefs in his career.