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Is Russell Westbrook Poised To Join Adidas?

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook could be on the move to Adidas if an Instagram photo uploaded by Adidas Philippines is any indication.

Westbrook, whose most recent shoe deal was with Nike, became a "sneaker free agent" over the summer, according to Kix And The City.

If this is in fact a definitive confirmation of Westbrook joining the Three Stripes family, he joins a stellar group of Summer signings for adidas which already included Ricky Rubio, Austin Rivers, Harrison Barnes, Quincy Acy, Dre Drummond, PJ3, Dame Lillard, Ty Taylor, and Josh Selby. More to come so stay tuned.

Ever since Air Jordans made their debut, Nike has been at the top of the basketball world. They have since expanded their brand, in a big way, to the NFL, MLB and college athletics, among others. However, Adidas is trying their best to run neck-and-neck with the Swoosh. Via Daily Thunder:

...Adidas is looking to really make a stamp on the NBA world with Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard, so Westbrook was a natural fit as he’s an exploding superstar. There’s a good chance too that Westbrook will be one of their featured players, getting his own line and own spots and such.

Several other Thunder players wear Adidas kicks, but Westbrook's superstar teammate, Kevin Durant, is a Nike guy.

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