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Iowa State Vs. Tulsa: Reaction and Analysis

Iowa State opened its 2012 season with a 38-23 comeback victory over Tulsa on Saturday. Iowa State blog Wide Right & Natty Lite found promise in the Cyclones' well-rounded performance:

The key for Iowa State was that while there was obvious jitters, not a single part of the team struggled. Jansen Watson picked up for the graduated Leonard Johnson without much dropoff, while Shontrelle Johnson made his return from neck surgery memorable, piling up 120 yards and a touchdown on 18 carries, much of it after contact. If you didn't believe that Shontrelle was the best running back on the team when healthy, today served as sufficient evidence. The running game was strong all around with 2011 Big 12 Honorable Mention James White coming off the bench for another 54 yards and a TD.

Iowa State travels to Iowa City for its annual showdown with their in-state rivals Iowa on Saturday.

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