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Missouri Tigers ranked 11th in national golf poll

The Missouri Tigers are ranked 11th in national golf poll.

Ed Zurga - Getty Images

The Missouri Tigers' golf team debuted at No. 11 in Goflstat's national rankings on Wednesday. After two events, Tigers golfer Jace Long is the nation's top-ranked golfer, according to adjusted score average.

The Tigers (2-0) have won two events in dominating fashion: by 19 shots at the Turning Stone Tiger Intercollegiate and the Golfweek Conference Challenge Missouri and by 8 shots at Turning Stone and by eight strokes at the Golfweek.

"It's early in the year, but I have been pleased with how our team has responded," coach Mark Leroux told the school's website. "These guys played all summer and really put in the work. The key for us has been our improved depth. Jace has of course been fantastic, but the play of guys like Hunter (Kraus), Ryan (Zech), Emilio (Cuartero) and Jacob (Fair) has been critical. You need that team depth to compete for championships and we have improved that over time."

The Tigers next play Sept. 29-30 at the Patriot Intercollegiate in Lortin, Va.