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Former Kansas RB Jon Cornish moons CFL crowd, then apologizes

The KU grad and CFL star was caught with his pants down.

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Former Kansas running back Jon Cornish got caught quite literally with his pants down in Regina, Saskatchewan on Sunday. Cornish, a member of the Calgary Stampeders and the CFL's leading rusher entering Sunday's action, was held to just 67 yards rushing by the Roughriders. So with his team losing by five points and time quickly running out, Cornish took out his frustration in an odd way:

He mooned the crowd.

Saskatchewan fans noticed and complained. Cornish initially chalked up the incident as an "equipment adjustment". He then admitted it was much more than that, as reported by the Kansas City Star:

"That incident was a mistake on my part," Cornish told the Herald. "I definitely just took it one step too far, or maybe a few steps too far. It reflects poorly on the organization.

"First of all I want to apologize to Coach (John Hufnagel), all the coaches, my teammates, all the Stampeder fans, the Stampeder organization and the Rider fans. They don't deseve that.

"It was a bad call on my part. It was an extreme lack of judgment."

Cornish was later fined by the league, not a small penalty in a league where most players make under $100,000 per season. However, Cornish was not suspended, and will be able to return to action for Calgary this weekend.