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Lamar Hunt biography release announced

Biography of late Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt goes on sale through Chiefs' website Sunday.

Jamie Sabau - Getty Images

Lamar Hunt: A life in sports, the biography of late Kansas Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt, can be purchased as early as Sunday. The Hunt biography goes on sale Sunday through the Chiefs' website and is available to the public Tuesday.

The biography was penned by author Michael MacCambridge, who described in a Chiefs press release what set Hunt apart from most other sports owners.

"What I found, over the course of my research, is that sports wasn't merely Lamar's pastime or profession, but to a great extent, the prism through which he viewed the larger world. What was most clear through all this was that Lamar was animated not by some abstract impulse for empire-building or a profit margin, but by the same things that true sports fans value-a love of the games themselves."

Hunt's son Clark told the Chiefs that MacCambridge's work is the "definitive biography" of his father's life.