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Former K-State Golfer Robert Streb Wins 2012 Mylan Classic

The 2012 Mylan Classic ended with a former Kansas State man on top of the standings in Robert Streb. Streb began the day a stroke behind leader Cliff Kohles, but was able to come back and earn his first ever PGA Tour win as a part of the developmental Tour was a record setting win as well, putting together a 7-under score on the final round en route to a final score of 18-under in 266 holes.


The record setting 18-under stroke scoreline was enough to earn him a win by a score of four strokes in the end.


Streb is a rookie on the Tour, and his total season's winnings of $253,491 should end up being more than enough to get him into the PGA Tour for 2013. The top 25 earners in the Tour get their tickets punched to the PGA Tour the following season.


Streb lettered athletically at K-State from 2006-2009.