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Kansas City Chiefs Valued Over $1 Billion By Forbes

The latest valuations are out from Forbes Magazine on their annual rankings of NFL franchises, and the Dallas Cowboys are sitting pretty with a total value of over $2 billion, the first NFL franchise to do so. As for the Kansas City Chiefs, they are ranked No. 20 with a $1.008 billion price tag.

From an initial investment of $25K in 1960 to its current value, the Hunt family found a nice return on their money so far. The NFL continues to rocket in NFL franchise valuations with other teams taking significant jumps, like the Vikings due to their new stadium deal.

While new stadium enhancements have been made, the team's dismal performance over the last decade doesn't help its overall ranking. However, the Chiefs have always been a solid brand in the NFL and will continue along that path with a great home atmosphere and dedicated fan base. In addition, the team has high hopes for this year to add current success to the overall value.