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Kansas QB Dayne Crist Looks To Improve Against Rice

The Kansas Jayhawks may have won Charlie Weis' debut last weekend against South Dakota State but quarterback Dayne Crist still knows there's a lot he needs to improve on before the Rice Owls come into town Saturday.

Crist, who was also making his Kansas debut, started out hot with a 43-yard pass to Kale Pick but only finished the day completing 17 of his 36 attempts for 169 yards, one touchdown and one interception. And considering the competition will only get more stiff from here on out, Crist realizes he's going to have to be a more precise passer if this team will continue to succeed.

"For me it was all about accuracy," Crist said in Tuesday's press conference. "A lot goes into that: you have to tie your feet into your throws, your mechanics (have to be good) all week in practice and you have to be comfortable with the play. It's something that I have to work on and continue to improve all year long."

Crist also acknowledged that the Jayhawks will have to play more efficient as an entire offense if they're to not suffer the same fate as last season's dreadful 2-10 team.

"(In the first game there were) too many mental errors, too many points left on the field and missed plays. At the end of the day, we have to be more efficient. That starts at practice...we need to have practice efficiency as well."

But while Crist realizes Rice will have "a lot more speed on the field" compared to SDSU, the former Notre Dame quarterback still believes he will show fans something far closer to the real passer he can be.

"I am much more accurate than the way that I played."

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