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Brock Berglund Transfers To North Texas

Brock Berglund's rocky path to starting NCAA quarterback takes another turn, as the standout recruit has confirmed he has enrolled at North Texas University, according to Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star. He has three years of eligibility remaining starting in 2013.

Berglund, an all-state high school quarterback in Colorado, was originally a Kansas Jayhawks recruit and was in line to be the team's starting quarterback. New coach Charlie Weis dismissed Berglund from the team before the spring semester, with Berglund requiring the use of a lawyer to get his release from the school so he would be able to transfer to a school of his choice.

A discrepancy in academic credits, which Berglund blames Kansas for, kept the quarterback from being able to originally transfer to a FBS school and he ended up at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona this summer.

Berglund will become part of the North Texas football program and is eligible to play starting in 2013.