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Hasheem Thabeet, Daequan Cook Join Thunder Book Bus Visit

On Friday afternoon, Daequan Cook and one of the newest members of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Hasheem Thabeet, joined the Thunder Book Bus to visit Houchin Elementary in Moore, Okla.

Hosting a group of 80 2nd-graders, Cook and Thabeet helped them to choose a book, handed out Thunder wristbands and gave out free bookmarks.

I had a great time," Cook told Nick Gallo of "I had the opportunity to hang out with a lot of kids that love to read. I even picked up a few books myself... It's something I like to do in my off-time when I'm just sitting at home."

Houchin principal Kyle Harrison raved about the attitudes of the NBA players and their charitable efforts.

"It's very important and it's an awesome thing for our kids," Harrison said. "I think it's very cool that the Oklahoma City Thunder does a program such as this to promote community involvement, not only amongst themselves but with other business to show how important it is. It's a very exciting event and it's really amazing that they choose to do things like this."

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