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2012 NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs finish as NFL's worst

The Chiefs are a virtual unanimous selection for the No. 32 spot in power rankings.


The Kansas City Chiefs finished one of the worst seasons in franchise history on Sunday with a loss to the Denver Broncos, ending with a 2-14 record for the second time in the last five years. While the Chiefs finished in a tie with the Jacksonville Jaguars in the wins column, Joel Thorman of SB Nation thought the Chiefs were the lesser of the two teams, giving them the No. 32 spot in his latest power rankings:

32. Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 32, 2-14): Clark Hunt and not Scott Pioli will pick the next head coach. So, uh, awkward question: what's Scott Pioli doing then?

The ESPN power rankings agreed with Thorman, also ranking the Chiefs just behind the Jaguars in the NFL's last slot.

32. The Chiefs are in flux. Again. (Fox)

Pro Football Weekly's power rankings looked a little different at the bottom, with the Jaguars all the way up to No. 28; however, the last place spot still belonged to the Chiefs, just ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Chiefs finished 2012 with the fewest points in the NFL and a -214 point differential to boot. On Monday, the team fired head coach Romeo Crennel while general manager Scott Pioli's future is in doubt.