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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Mel Kiper's first mock draft does not have Chiefs taking a quarterback

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The Chiefs have been on the clock since the end of the regular season. Who will they end up taking in April, if they stay at number one?


Mel Kiper has released his first mock draft for ESPN this year and he is not too shy to say that there are no quarterbacks worthy of the top pick, or even in the first round. The Kansas City Chiefs are desperately looking for a quarterback to replace Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn, but Kiper does not believe that any QBs are worthy of a top-8 selection. Therefore, he thought it more wise to just go with the best player available for the Chiefs needs.

That player is left tackle Luke Joeckel of Texas A&M:

The kid is a gifted technician at left tackle, and the Chiefs could go with the strategy of drafting their left tackle for the next 10 years here, then taking a shot on the best QB available with the first pick in Round 2. Two needs, two picks. We'll see, but QB value at this draft slot isn't in play right now.

Joeckel could be an anchor of the offensive line for a long time, and there seem to be a lot of quarterbacks sliding down the draft boards, making someone like Matt Barkley, or even the oft-mocked-to-KC-at-1st-overall Geno Smith, available in the second round anyway.