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2013 Super Bowl commercials: Motorola gets Megan Fox in a bubble bath

On the day of the Super Bowl, Motorola will release their new 2013 commercial featuring actress Megan Fox in a bubble bath.

Scott Halleran

Every Super Bowl Sunday, the beer, car and snack companies really appeal to the average NFL fan. Whether it's Budweiser, Volvo or Frito-Lay, these companies do not hesitate to spend the big bucks to have the most outstanding commercial on said day.

One of the gutsy moves was first made by Mercedes-Benz, when they hired super model Kate Upton to help wash the new CLA. To no surprise, this was debated and did receive some mixed reviews. But it might be a cellular phone company that really hears it at the end of the day.

If they considered Upton's commercial to be at all racy, then they might not be too thrilled with Motorola's new spot. For the Super Bowl, they hired actress Megan Fox and had her deliver a few lines from the comfort of a bubble bath.

For a good part of the commercial, the audience is seeing a montage of the effect her looks have. It was a pretty funny spot by Motorola and should earn a few laughs the day of the game. Don't be surprised if you hear this commercial talked about days after the Super Bowl.