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Kia Sorento Super Bowl 2013 commercials: Where do babies come from?

Kia delivers a car commercial with a twist.

Where do babies come from?

It's a question parents have had to delicately address for years. In Kia's 2013 Super Bowl commercial for the 2014 Sorento, the company developed an elaborate answer to that question when a father is asked the uncomfortable question.

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The father's answer includes an impressive made up story about a land far away where a long list of fictitious activities take place.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Super Bowl ad without some humor, right? At the end of this commercial, the kid attempts to refute his father's story based on information he received from his friend at school. Predictably the father makes sure to cut him off with one of the car's new features.

The commercial is a clever spin on the usual car ads we see every year. Plus, it touches on the family appeal of the new Kia Sorento, which is always a bonus.