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Best Super Bowl commercials 2013: The funniest commercials from XLVII

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Don't fret me, brotha'. Here are the funniest Super Bowl commercials from Sunday night.

Dimitrios Kambouris

When it comes to funny Super Bowl commercials, XLVII had its fair share.

One of the funniest from Sunday night was a GEICO commercial that featured former NBA shot-blocker Dikembe Mutombo. Mutombo was notorious for rejecting a shot, then wagging his finger. Not in his house. Never in Dikembe's house.

Here's the ad featuring the big man and his flexible finger:

That laugh will haunt me.

Another knee slapper came from Volkswagen. Sure, some though it was racist. But most thought it was just funny. I mean, c'mon. A 6'4 dude speaking Jamaican? Isn't that something we've all wanted to see before?

Here's the ad:

There's no beating this line: "Joo-lee-ah, turn da' frown, da' udda way aroun'!"

And finally, we have Samsung. You could make the argument the teaser video was actually funnier than the real Super Bowl commercial, but let's just put them together and count it as one. It's hard to beat Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen. Add a cameo from LeBron James, and Samsung comes away with one of the better commercials of the evening.

Here's the two-minute ad: