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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Chiefs take Geno Smith with No. 1 pick

Smith put up huge numbers at West Virginia as a senior. Now, most mock drafts feel he will be headed to Kansas City in April.


The Kansas City Chiefs are looking to change their franchise's fortune with the No. 1 overall pick at the 2013 NFL Draft. There are a couple of ways the team could go, but most feel they will take the most talented player available on the board. In a year with no clear-cut top prospect, the job becomes even tougher for the front office in Kansas City.

According to the latest mock draft from Josh Norris of Roto World, the Chiefs will pick quarterback Geno Smith with their first selection. Smith, who emerged as an early Heisman Trophy candidate last season at West Virginia, cooled off a bit down the stretch as the team struggled, but he still managed to put up a fine season. Here is Norris with a bit more on the pick.

1. Kansas City Chiefs -- QB Geno Smith, West Virginia

The recent success of second- and third-round quarterbacks is either a new trend or an outlier, because from 2001-2010, only two quarterbacks selected in that two-round span can be considered dependable starters (Drew Brees and Matt Schaub). With that said, there is large group of signal callers that could be considered second- or third-round talents this season. Kansas City and Andy Reid can't afford to wait on whichever one might fall to the outside of the first-round, instead, this is one of the few opportunities a team can chose their favorite from the entire bunch.

As a senior, Smith threw for 4,205 yards and 42 touchdowns. Perhaps the most impressive stat is that Smith threw just six interceptions despite attempting 518 passes. That's about as accurate as you can be as a quarterback.

In another mock draft from SB Nation, Smith was also headed to Kansas City to help new coach Andy Reid build up the team. A few earlier mock drafts had the Chiefs taking offensive tackle Luke Joeckel out of Texas A&M, although those talks seemed to cool down in recent weeks.