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Chiefs rookie Eric Fisher cites daily improvement

The Chiefs first round choice is finding his footing at the pro level.


The Kansas City Chiefs are counting on Eric Fisher to come in and become an impact player along the offensive line as early as possible, and it seems that the word is so far, so good on the team's first overall selection in the 2013 NFL Draft. As the Chiefs continue to practice at their June minicamp, Fisher is making good progress among the starters.

Fisher was the first pick in the draft above Luke Joeckel, now with the Jaguars, and was one of several offensive tackles expected to step right in to a starting spot from the first round. He replaces Eric Winston along the Chiefs offensive front at right tackle, although it's uncertain whether that's his long term home. Nevertheless, the Chiefs need him to keep Alex Smith upright and create room for Jamaal Charles in the running game.

"I'm making improvements every day," said Fisher during Thursday's media session. "Every day I come out here to work. Going against the guys I'm going against makes me a better player every day. Just getting in the playbook and having a great time."

When asked whether he needed to take a break or keep going, Fisher said both sound right.

"A little bit of both," Fisher answered. "Obviously, it's a lot of hard work. A lot comes with it. You have to keep your body right, but training camp, we'll definitely have enough football to play. Yeah, it would be nice to stay here and play a little bit longer, but every opportunity is a blessing. I try to make the most of them."

Fisher is playing with the first team and is expected to start at right tackle from the first week.