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I am a very minor radio personalty at Sports Radio 810 WHB. My top 3 super heroes are in this order: Spider-Man, Batman, Iron-Man.

Five-Orite Friday: 2012 Year In Review

Looking back at the stories, games, and players that stood out the most from this past year.

Five-Orite Friday: Christmas Edition

What do you want for Christmas? Here is what I am looking for under the Christmas tree for the upcoming year.

Five-Orite Friday: Royals make off-season splash

Royals take center stage as they trade top prospect to Rays for pitchers Shields and Davis. Steve Breaston continues to not know why he isn't playing. And Sporting KC resigns Besler

Five-Orite Friday: Aftermath of Chiefs Tragedy

Chiefs become a national story after Belcher murder and suicide. Royals owner opens up about the payroll (lack there of) and changes to the MU football staff.

Five-Orite Friday: Royals Owner Speaks

David Glass gives everyone an education on profit margin. KSU goes for Big 12 crown while Chiefs continue to embarrass. MU coach Pinkel to stick around & Weis talk Notre Dame.

Five-Orite Friday: KSU Is Top Dog

KSU reaches #1 in BCS, KC Chiefs go full boobfest, D=Bowe speaks, Eric Berry hates horses and MU tries to make a bowl game.

Five-Orite Friday: Chiefs continue to sink

Chiefs find new ways to barrel toward rock bottom, Sporting KC gets bounced in the playoffs while KSU continues their magical season and college basketball returns.

Five-Orite Friday: Chiefs reach new lows

Chiefs go from awful to dreadful while Royals make a legit trade. Thunder make a drastic change and KSU continues magically season.

Winners & Losers of the Thunder-Rockets trade

Winners and losers of the OKC Thunder trade of James Harden to the Houston Rockets for Kevin Martin and Jeremy Lamb.

Five-Orite Friday: KSU, Chiefs & Sporting KC

Five-Orite Friday looks at KSU rise to the top of the Big 12. The Chiefs QB switch and Sporting KC playoff berth.