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I am a very minor radio personalty at Sports Radio 810 WHB. My top 3 super heroes are in this order: Spider-Man, Batman, Iron-Man.

Five-Orite Friday: Chiefs make news on bye week

Chiefs GM Pioli tours the city while The Bowe Show pops up in trade rumors. KSU preps for WVU and MU looks for answers. And OKC Thunder get ever close to tipping off.

Five-Orite Friday: Chiefs have a QB. Well maybe

Kansas City Chiefs look to move on from Cheer-Gate with Brady Quinn under center.

Five-Orite Friday: Chiefs, KU, KSU, and Royals

This week's Five-Orite Friday talks Chiefs QB, Sunflower showdown, legal trouble at MU, and the Royals wrapping up the season.

Five-Orite Friday: Chargers vs. Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs host the Chargers as they look to make some noise in the AFC West while K-State put the college football world on notice.

Five-Orite Friday: Kansas City Chiefs Season In Free Fall

Chiefs are standing squarely on the edge of the cliff while MU looks for something to kill the pain of the James Franklin story.

Five-Orite Friday: Kansas City Chiefs Look To Avoid 0-2 Start

The Chiefs and KU look to recover after a disastrous weekend of football.

Five-Orite Friday: Kansas City Chiefs Finally Have A Game That Matters

Football is back in full force as the Chiefs and Missouri have massive games this upcoming weekend.

Five-Orite Friday: Kansas City Chiefs Preseason Ends With Thud

Kansas City Chiefs preseason mercifully comes to a close with more questions and concerns as the regular season looms ever closer.

Five-Orite Friday: Kansas City Chiefs Defense Takes A Hit

Preseason reaches the halfway point and more question marks arise for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Five-Orite Friday: Kansas City Royals Win By Default

The Royals grab top billing thanks to the help of a former teammate Melky Cabrera.