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Ranked No. 5 in the "coolest light-skinned brother in the world" power rankings. The EIC of The Sports Fan Journal, Premier League/NBA contributor to FOX Deportes (even though I can't speak Spanish) and one of the few rational Thunder apologists there is.

The 10 Things The Thunder Must Do To Win A Title

With 2013 now in full effect, its time to read a list of things Oklahoma City must do to win a title. Besides, lists are dope, right? RIGHT?

OKC wins games they shouldn't, can they learn?

The Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Dallas Mavericks 115-109 on Thursday night, but it served as another game that they had no business winning. Can head coach Scott Brooks make things right before the playoffs?

Oklahoma City Thunder Trade Possiblities For 2013

The Thunder lost on Thursday night and that means its time to trade everybody. Okay, not quite, but could a trade or two be on the horizon for Oklahoma City?

Comparing OKC to the 1988-89 Detroit Pistons

The Oklahoma City Thunder notched their 20th win of the season on Monday, and with it drew a comparison to the 1988-89 world champion Detroit Pistons in the process.

Russell Westbrook: Best PG in the NBA

Russell Westbrook is showing the world that not only is he an elite point guard, but that he's probably a MVP candidate too.

Similarity Scores on Basketball Reference are dope

Every basketball scribe worth their salt has used the phenomenal site that is Basketball Reference. One of the overlooked metrics that's featured on BR is their similarity scores, a measure that makes me giggle with every query.

Serge Ibaka, All-Star?

The Oklahoma City Thunder have found a way to keep up their winning ways. One big reason? Serge Ibaka, who's playing at an all-star level.

The Thunder Dropping Dimes A Make Her Dance

On this edition of Three Thunder Thoughts, we marvel at the OKC passing attack, the Thunder rookies get a paid vacation to Tulsa, and we take a trip from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.

Loving & hating James Harden at the same damn time

After watching James Harden return to Oklahoma City on Wednesday night, I was inspired by a 70's R&B group. It is indeed a thin line between love and hate.

The Beard returns to OKC

Houston Rockets guard James Harden has come out and that playing the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night will be ‘just another game.' Yep, and fat kids don't love cake.