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Ranked No. 5 in the "coolest light-skinned brother in the world" power rankings. The EIC of The Sports Fan Journal, Premier League/NBA contributor to FOX Deportes (even though I can't speak Spanish) and one of the few rational Thunder apologists there is.

Blowouts, T-Mac comparisons and The Beard returns

From 55-point wins to an interesting comparison for Perry Jones, to the reigning Sixth Man of the year makes his triumphant return to Oklahoma City, here's todays Three Thunder Thoughts.

Should Oklahoma City Trade For Anderson Varejao?

In today's "Three Thunder Thoughts" we highlight the unselfishness of Russell Westbrook, the shoes every kid should have on the Christmas list and a trade that the Thunder brass should consider.

The Kendrick Perkins conundrum

In a short period of time, Kendrick Perkins became a physical force and leader for the Oklahoma City Thunder. But, how does Perkins fit within the team moving forward?

Kevin Martin, James Harden and small sample sizes

Kevin Martin has played in eight games for the Oklahoma City Thunder this season. Has he sufficiently replaced James Harden thus far? So far, OKC's newest 6th-man is fitting in quite nicely.

The Mailbag Of Ed: Will OKC be OK?

The Oklahoma City Thunder are 3-2 and fans don't know whether to panic or to breathe easier. Moreover, one of their favorite former players is leading the league in scoring. Yep, all is well in Thunder land.

The Hangover: OKC drops 2 of 3, time to worry?

The Oklahoma City Thunder have lost two of their first three games. Is it time to worry yet? Probably not. But, is the sense of urgency there for the defending Western Conference champions?

Everybody Hates Russell

The first game has come and gone for the Oklahoma City Thunder and one thing is evidently clear. Folks really like bringing the slander to Russell Westbrook.

Harden to Houston, Oklahomans everywhere go nuts

The Oklahoma City Thunder traded James Harden in the middle of the Oklahoma versus Notre Dame contest. Who are these sick freaks that would announce a trade during such a time?

Three Thunder Thoughts: Scouts, KD V's and Wins

The Oklahoma City Thunder will begin their 2012-13 season next week. The scouts have things to say about OKC, Nike unveils the KD V's and everyone wants to talk about how many wins OKC will get. A breakdown is needed.

NBA 2K13 can tell the future of Kevin Durant

On my NBA 2K13 video game franchise, every time I play against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Durant is starting at power forward and torches my squad to no end. Should Scott Brooks do this more in real life?