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Joel Thorman is a native Kansas Citian which means he's used to losing and heart break. Joel and his brother Chris manage Arrowhead Pride, one of SB Nation's most active blogs. In addition, Joel is also the NFL editor for Before joining SB Nation on a full-time basis, Joel worked in the marketing field in some really, really boring capacity. As Joel says, all football, all the time isn't a bad way to go through life.

NFL Draft 2011: How Far Can Blaine Gabbert Fall?

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NFL Lockout Lifted...For Now

The NFL lockout has been lifted...for now. Judge Susan Nelson will decide on Wednesday morning whether to keep the lockout in place.

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The 2011 NASCAR Draft: Which Drivers Are First-Round Picks?

If you were starting a race team from scratch, which driver would you want to build it around?

Chiefs Are Lucky They're Not Looking For A Quarterback

The Kansas City Chiefs are looking at a number of positions with their first pick of the 2011 NFL draft but quarterback is not one of those positions. And for the Chiefs, that's a good thing. A great thing even.

Is A Kansas City Royals Slide Starting?

I have to admit as a Kansas City Royals fan, I'm very pessimistic about the team. (Can you blame me?) The Royals over the last two decades have taught me to be pessimistic because, well, they haven't been very good.

NFL Draft 2011: Chiefs' Plans Still A Mystery

NFL Draft 2011: Blaine Gabbert's Big Week Is Here

Miami Basketball Gets Their Coach, And It's Not Frank Martin

MLB Playoffs Could Be Expanding To 10 Teams

The Major League Baseball playoffs could be changing soon. The Associated Press is running a story indicating that in 2012 it's very possible we'll see the MLB playoffs expanded from eight to 10 teams.

2011 NFL Draft: Numbers Suggest Offensive Tackle For The Chiefs

The Chiefs have a number of needs they can address in the 2011 NFL draft but they may want to put offensive tackle near the top.