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Joe is a Kansas City boy through and through, though born in "God's Country" just east of KC. Perhaps that is why he has lived in St. Louis the past five years spreading dissent and harassing the locals about how they don't understand the pain of being a sports fan. Since the Royals won a World Series three months into his life, the never ending search for another winner has yielded little save a Wizards MLS Cup, when no one was watching. I write about Sporting KC here and you'll find me occasionally around SBNation making comments under my real name and then regretting it.

Sporting Kansas City Wins Dramatic US Open Cup Final

It wasn't a masterpiece of soccer, but I don't think anyone in Kansas City will worry about that. Sporting KC wins their second US Open Cup trophy in a game they controlled for the most part, but only after the nerve-wracking penalty kicks.

Sporting Kansas City: It's Time To 'Paint The Wall' In Livestrong Park

Tomorrow is a chance for Sporting KC to change the script once more. It is the first time to paint the wall in the present instead of a herald towards the successes of the past.

Don’t Panic Yet: Sporting KC Still Safe In Eastern Conference

The standings don't show a team struggling, nor do they show the team that separated themselves from the pack early in the season. However, not all is bleak for the team's future prospects.

Stoke City Caps Brief Friendly Schedule For Sporting KC

Stoke brings their anti-style, all results football to meet our similarly pragmatic, some results soccer.

Montpelier HSC Opens Summer Friendlies For Sporting KC

The Ligue 1 champions offer fans a taste of French football culture outside of Aurelien Collin's frequent Internet lessons.

Sporting Faces A Different New England Side The Second Time Around

A different Philadelphia comes to Livestrong than the unit that suffered a 3-0 defeat. The heat should be on, and again Sporting will rely on a reserve heavy midfield to stifle the strength of New England's squad.

Sporting KC Vs. Houston: Player Ratings From Wednesday's Loss

Player ratings for Sporting KC's players in their 2-1 loss to Houston. Peterson, Kamara, and Collin get the highest marks. The midfield, well, not so much.

Seeing Red: Sporting KC Loses 2-1 In Houston

Peterson Joseph's Roger Espinoza impression does not impress Sporting KC fans, but does entertain casual observers. The rest of the team performs admirably, which is supporter speak for "loses with dignity, which still makes us miserable." At the end

This stream has:

Seeing Red: Sporting KC Loses 2-1 In Houston

Sporting KC went down a goal, got that back and then went down a man. They earned a draw for thirty more minutes until Brad Davis broke down the defense for the deciding goal by a stumbling Calen Carr.

Busy July Continues in Houston For Sporting KC

BBVA Compass Park has been a fortress for Houston in its first season. Can Sporting KC be the first to walk out with three points. If so they'll have to do it without Roger Espinoza, but the team now has depth to combat injuries and absences.